23 reasons why

... we are your partner for your next project

#1 We support you in the long term

With us you get a team that wants to inspire you! We are very interested in accompanying you and your project in the long run, we give everything for that!

This is also shown by our customer structure: 80% of all our customers have been with us for more than 5 years, some of them even for more than 15 years.

#2 International and on the pulse of time

Your project deserves the best and most modern knowledge! We are convinced of this. That's why we are on the road at conferences all over the world, exchanging ideas with other people to question and expand our own approaches.

In the last 12 months we have been at conferences in New York, Amsterdam and Tokyo. Always curious and looking for the latest developments, trends and solutions.

#3 Permanent contact partner

You will be assigned a permanent contact person who will be there for you during the entire project and beyond. They will answer your questions and advise you. Whether by phone or by mail, you decide!

#4 Experience and know-how with different systems

You always get exactly the system that fits you and your project perfectly. Because every project is unique and every project deserves an individual and objective system and technology selection.

To the frequent question: Which CMS or which store system do you use, from our point of view the answer can only be The system that fits you and your project!

We are happy to work with shopware in the e-commerce segment and with Craft CMS for websites. For the individual development we usually implement your application as single page applications (SPA) and rely on Laravel, Vue.js and NuxtJS.

#5 We constantly educate ourselves

For us, a central component of our culture is the ability to think outside the box and continuous further education and training. Every member of our team attends at least one training course a year, Damaris and Martin at least once a quarter.

This ensures that your project is always implemented with the most modern and up-to-date technologies and concepts.

#6 We use the latest and most modern technologies

Your customers expect a lot, and your project should achieve that, so we are convinced that your project deserves the most modern technological basis. That is why we rely in all points on TOP up-to-date technologies.

#7 No hidden costs

You pay with us only for what you really get.

External costs, such as hosting, we pass on to our customers fairly and without surcharge.

All investments are openly and transparently communicated in advance.

#8 100% in-house development

Your code is programmed by the farbcode team in Stuttgart. 100%. No programming project has ever been and will never be outsourced in the future.

This way we ensure the highest quality and you can be sure that every line of code here in Stuttgart is written in our office.

#9 As online store operators we know what really matters in online stores

We run an online store ourselves, the farbverliebt-shop.de. In the last 12 months we have sold over 10.000 designer pieces. 
So we experience every day what it means to run an online store. We know the requirements from the customer's point of view inside and out and know what is important.
Whether it's the management of customer inquiries, returns management, connection of shipping and payment service providers, merchandise management, all topics we know from the customer's point of view and offer the best and pragmatic solutions.
Digitization in practice.

#10 Many years of experience

We have been developing websites and web applications for over 20 years. This helps us to have a very good feeling about what a web application or online store has to achieve. We advise you immediately and find the best solution together with you.

#11 We can communicate non-technically

You only understand half of what your service provider offers? Not so with us. We inspire you through performance, not through technical language.
We avoid technical blah-blah in our communication and answer all your questions directly and understandably. And if questions arise, you have a direct line from day 1 to your project manager.

#12 Everything from one source

We are a full-service agency. With our large network we can provide almost all services in the digital world.

#13 We train to ensure quality

We have created two training positions because we are convinced of the concept of training. In this way we can pass on our values, our spirit and our way of working to young people and enable them to become the best young developers.

#14 Deployments of new software are free of charge

We have systematized and automated our internal processes. You too can benefit from this, because we pass this efficiency on to our customers. For example, the deployment of new software is free of charge.

#15 happy together, we work with you and for you

We prefer to work creatively and together with our customers on projects. We listen, ask the right questions and find the best solutions with a lot of love for detail.
Our customers appreciate our ability to think our way into projects and the ability to think along with them during implementation and to contribute our own ideas.

#16 100% TYPO3 free

Yes, we stand by it. All projects we realize are 100% TYPO3 free. We don't want our clients to have to face the extreme disadvantages of TYPO3.

We rely on modern and efficient concepts and systems, not dinosaurs. We know that opinions differ on this. For all those interested in a neutral opinion: https://trends.google.de/trend...

#17 We love transparency

We attach great importance to a transparent implementation of each project. During the implementation phase, our customers receive regular status e-mails with all important information about the project, including the current project status with completed tasks and current challenges.

This gives our customers a constant overview of the current development and allows them to control the project easily.

Our customers get full access to our source code at any time, even during programming.

#18 Sustainability

//farbcode stands for green code! All our servers are powered by 100% green electricity (Hetzner).

We attach great importance to sustainability. At all places where we can influence it, we get our electricity from natural power. All our trips are CO2 compensated.

#19 Modern and attractive user interface

Web applications with many functions do not have to look complex and cumbersome. We attach great importance to design, because we are convinced that the perfect usability of an application is a key success factor.

#20 Expert advice from digitization experts

We not only advise you, we also implement! With us you get software solutions individually tailored to you and your company and your challenges.

#21 Free needs analysis and consultation

You will receive a free consultation during which we will analyze your project and give you initial tips and suggestions for implementation.

#22 Intuitively operated software

Our software is always optimized to create the most intuitive usability possible. This creates satisfaction and reduces support costs.

#23 Customized solutions

Success does not come with mediocrity and not off the rack. That is why we do not offer you standard solutions, but individually programmed concepts and solutions.

We don't think much of bending existing systems such as TYPO3 or Wordpress at any price until the desired project comes out. In our experience, this approach has more to do with the skills of the commissioned agency than with technical sense.

Contact us and arrange a free consultation in which we will jointly analyze your project and choose the best architecture for your project.