We are a creative team,

based in Stuttgart and

at home on the web.

we love coding

We love new technologies. We love the web with its chances and possibilities, and we love to design high class web applications and websites and implement them with love and passion.

We program software that solves problems instead of creating new ones!

“If you want to change the world,
you don’t need to open a factory.

You just neeed to open a laptop.”

Alexis Ohanian


Only with the best team in the world can we create the best web applications and websites in the world. At the moment we are a highly motivated team of 6 wonderful people.


Damaris Weinschenk

CEO, Strategy creative direction


Martin Weinschenk

Software Developer,


Micha Stubenvoll

Software Developer


Julia Märkel

Software developer

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Raphael Störk



Jonathan Sperrer


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David Illies


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Julian Schramm


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Sören Maier


how we work

happy together

We love to work creatively and together with our customers on projects. We listen, ask the right questions and find the best solutions with a great love of detail.
Our customers appreciate our ability to think our way into projects and the ability to bring in our own ideas when implementing them.

we create transparency

We put great emphasis on a transparent implementation of each project. During the implementation phase our customers receive regular status mails with all important information about the project, with the current project status, with completed tasks, with possible challenges.

So, our customers always have an overview of the current development and can easily control the project.

Our customers get full access to our source code at any time, even during the programming phase.

we love design and details

We are strongly convinced that for the success of a web application, besides the professional and technologically first-class implementation, user-friendliness and design are essential.

The "feeling" of how a web application feels in daily use, how it can be operated, is decisive in how much customers and employees enjoy working with a software. We love solutions that make our customers happy.

A mid-level user-friendliness is achieved quickly and easily, but for the system to be perfect, a lot of attention to detail is required. This is exactly what we do and love!


we create magic

We live and love an open work culture at eye level. We have a strong culture of feedback and are grateful for experiences and leanings because only in this way can we become better and better.

work hard. play hard.

At least two major events are held every year. One is our legendary team event in summer and the big //farbcode Christmas party in winter.

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we create the future

For us, a central component of our culture is always looking beyond the horizon and continuous further education and training. Every member of our team attends at least one training course a year, Damaris and Martin at least once a quarter.

We travel the world for our customers, looking for the best solutions and technologies, letting ourselves be inspired so that we can inspire our customers.

This ensures that our customers always receive the best, most creative and state-of-the-art solutions and that "best practices" are continuously challenged.

In our blog, we report all the news and content we bring from around the world.

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the office

We have our office in Stuttgart. More precisely in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, in the STEP area. From there we serve our customers all over Germany and the world.

Feel free to drop by for a talk or a coffee, we are looking forward to meeting you!

By car it is 3 minutes from the Stuttgart highway junction (A8 / A81). By train it is 15 minutes from the main station or 15 minutes from the airport. In each case directly and without changing trains. Our stop is called "Österfeld".

When you are there, just go to the biggest skyscraper you see and take the elevator to the 14th floor and you are already with us.

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